Acceptable monthly dues payment methods are as follows . . .

1. Cash Payment to Sensei Larry Rota.

2. Checks made out to “Columbus Shotokan Karate” given

to Sensei Larry Rota or mailed to:

    Columbus Shotokan Karate

    116 Westwood Road

    Columbus, OH 43214



Monthly dues can now be paid using PayPal...

Here’s how to make a payment:

01.   Log in to your PayPal account.

02.   Click “Send & Request” at the top of the page.

03.   In the “Send money to” box enter ColumbusShotokanKarate@gmail.com, then click “Next”.

04.   In the “What is this payment for?” select “Paying for an item or service”.

05.   Enter your payment amount (USD).

06.   Add a Note if you wish.

07.   Review carefully the transaction details.

08.   Finally, click “Send Payment Now” (or Cancel if there are errors).

Annual ISKF dues must be made by check made out to

“Mid-America Karate” either given to Membership 

Administrator Doug Fadely, or mailed to:

    Mid-America ISKF

    1020 Nottingham Drive

    Cincinnati, OH 45255